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>Something To Roll To

>I’ve been digging Kisses EP for a while and something about this song’s hook always makes me laugh. (‘I would like to take you out for a nice steak dinner’ is pretty funny to a lifelong vegetarian) Regardless of the … Continue reading

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>Firecracker This

> I’m a solid six months late to this party. But this promo for the Madison Square Garden show is just fun to watch so don’t stress it k? Untitled from Arcade Fire on Vimeo.

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>I might have had a small musical overdose in the last week. I’m currently recovering from the overwhelming influx of new muzak I have been lucky enough to receive but am putting together a mix for my most beloved as … Continue reading

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>The Dowks Thanksgiving Mix of Amazeballs

>I finally got a mix back from the disreputable Dowks after years of sending him an increasingly questionable collection of mixes (starting with an O.G. mix tape made about the time this photo was taken) I’m picking my top three … Continue reading

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>The Kids Are Disco Dancing

>Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels like it speeds right by, and other times its amazing how far away things seem. I’ve always used music as a way to measure time, both specific moments in history (like a … Continue reading

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