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Skinny Love

The Gaslight Anthem covered Bon Iver’s Skinny Love in order for me to find a version of one of my favorite songs to make Alli listen to without violently breaking anything. Because apparently Justin Vernon’s voice causes that reaction with … Continue reading

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Flume and Skinny Love

I went to the quietest and most beautiful concert of my life last week. You could hear when someone dropped a bottle across the amphitheater it was that quiet. I didn’t think it was possible but Bon Iver is even better live … Continue reading

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Fall Creek Boys Choir

The Laid Back slightly recovered Hipster Dream of a Bon Iver/James Blake Collaboration is here. We now live in a post-dubstep-breakup-and-write-music-in-a-remote-cabin world.

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Want to go to there now.

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Come Talk To Me

Bon Iver is undisputedly one of my favorite artists of all time. Up until now, I  avoided talking about him on the interwebs since, he is pretty much every persons favorite, but one of my greatest friends only recently discovered the awesome … Continue reading

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