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As Dowks recently pointed out, we are attending a pretty fantastic lineup that includes Freelance Whales. The band specializes in creating tracks that build upon multiple layers of instruments and sounds until

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Psychic Chasms

After a more intense then anticipated weekend, I’m back to listening to the soothing sounds of Neon Indian and all their chillwave glory. While Anoraak did this awesome remix sometime last year as part of a reissue of the Neon … Continue reading

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>New Theory

> A go-to favorite song for me is Washed Out’s ‘New Theory’. A go-to remixer for me is RAC. Put them together and get the awesomeness below that is causing visions of back roads and camping in the spring.

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>Lucidity in Dreaming

> Lucid dreaming, for those of you that haven’t seen Inception yet (highly recommended) is a dream where you are aware you are dreaming.  Most often, a person has no mental ability to recognize a dream state while they are … Continue reading

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>’Item that Explodes’ Remix

> The last time I was in SF was over Thanksgiving 2010, Bruno Mars’ Grenade was literally blowing up the radio everywheres (srsly, James’ radio was in shambles and Weezy almost took some shrapnel to the eye).   Well, now … Continue reading

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> So the last week has been insane, with two Arcade Fire shows (one in which I was front row center in a Big Sur meadow with only 200 other people) and an epic ACL trip with Weis and Dowks … Continue reading

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>Never thought I’d say this…

>…but I’ve taken a strong liking to a lot of the stuff on Katy Perry’s fall-release album Teenage Dream.  I’m not crazy about California Gurls, but Teenage Dream, Firework and Not like the Movies are all fantastic tracks.  The Teenage Dream … Continue reading

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>a chilly fall in the northwest?

> Snow in Seattle is rare, even in the thick of winter, but as it turns out, the stars have aligned and we’ll actually be getting some this October! Ok, perhaps it will be Miike Snow, and not Snow snow….but still … Continue reading

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> I’ve been digging some very mellow remixes recently from both RaRaRiot and Vampire weekend. Then I found this picture and knew it was meant to be.

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