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>2010 in concerts

> I’ve had a pretty amazing run. I started this year unemployed and adrift and have ended the year one incredibly blessed young lady. (ish. ladyish.) I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing adventures, listen to some fantastic music, get … Continue reading

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>Start To Move

>And now some music to send the year off right. Having music that strikes that balance of getting people in the mood to dance before dropping them deep into the world of David Guetta is always a fun challenge at … Continue reading

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>Shell Games

> Unlike the illustrious Dowks, I didn’t celebrate anything until yesterday and spend most of the 25th drinking whiskey with the grands and working on a puzzle. However, the one day weather delay on Christmas worked out swimmingly for me, … Continue reading

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>A Christmas to Remember

>If the pain of the headache is proportional to the fun had last night (culminating this afternoon), then I had one heck of a time at G & J’s Christmas party.  Perhaps free musiks will help to dull the pain. … Continue reading

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>My Oh My!!

> Seattle sports teams and I have had a tempestuous past.  The Seahawks were cool until, needing a scapegoat for their disappointing loss in Super Bowl, their ENTIRE fanbase took a personal vendetta against my Steelers.  So yeah, make the … Continue reading

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>Lullabies and Love Songs

> The first time I heard Nicki Minaj’s ‘Right Thru Me’ I had to do a double take. I really dug the song but it kind of freaked me out that she was rapping over the song El Captain used … Continue reading

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>TRON with Tron

>Ok, just got back from seeing TRON with the Tronnonator herself.  We went to the threeD IMAX show, which left me with just 3 words. Ah. May. Zing. Yeah, sure, it’s cheezy at times.  Yeah, sure, not all the acting … Continue reading

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>Tribute to Friends

>I remember back in college, we played a game where we had to rank certain items in order of importance.  If you really know me, it comes as no surprise that “Friends” topped my list.  I am constantly reminded of … Continue reading

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>Bah Humbug.

> So Christmas is the only time of year I’m guaranteed that all my family will be in one place together. Except this year. Europe decided some snow was grounding flights for the next week and now my TBS is … Continue reading

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>I’m a little obsessed with Amadou and Miriam and apparently they are releasing a remix album next month. I can’t find this anywhere else, so go click through to Stereogum’s very awesome premiere of Miike Snow’s remix of Sabali to … Continue reading

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