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Hhymn brings the folk rock

Now that all that buzz has died down, I can go back to enjoying the folksy awesomeness of Mumford and Sons. With the grey weather we had last week in SF and in preparation for an upcoming UK adventure;

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Lawn Knives

Spring has reluctantly come to SF today. In honor of the sun’s return, I’ve been jamming to some happy muzak courtesy of Gobble Gobble. While I have yet to see them live, rumor has it they put on an intense show … Continue reading

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Worlds Collide in Seattle

The oh-so-hip roomie and I were chatting the other night about must attend concerts over the next couple weeks, and apparently April 11th presents several conflicts.  She mentioned a Danish group Oh Land, is playing at Chop Suey and wanted … Continue reading

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They are named after ‘Reptar’ in the Rugrats cartoon. They are described as “furious pop music, like Isaac Brock fronting Passion Pit under the watchful eye of 

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Fusion Tossers FTW

A couple of weeks ago my girl Ace sent me the following vid from Star Slingers.  Mornin’ is a new song for an artist I discovered earlier this year with their Rogue Cho Pa album, which has a lot of … Continue reading

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Helena Beat

So while its a violation of the ‘High Fidelity’ rules of making a mixtape (which totally applies to blogging as well, right?) I need to urge everyone to listen to Foster the People right now.

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“The Detective Agency,” as they would be called in the States, put out their first album in 2008, Wermland, and I have to say I’m a big, big fan. The first time I heard Detektivbyrån, I thought I was listening to something … Continue reading

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Goth Star

This isn’t by any means a new song. But I love it and its been in heavy rotation this week.

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Theo Martins

I’ve been really digging a collection of mixtapes that are out right now and Theo Martins ‘Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor’ is on the top of my list of current favorites. I really like the incorporation of some classic and unexpected tracks like … Continue reading

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Some Way Through

Ok I will admit it. Those sparkly Twilight vampires put together some kick-ass soundtracks. From exclusive Florence and the Machine tracks, to duets of Bon Iver and St. Vincent, what the movies lacks in plot, they make up for in … Continue reading

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