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Shark Subs and Beach Manatees

Gorillaz, and my favourite track off their Plastic Beach CD. Vid is, as per usual…..interesting. The first minute of White Flag is also good and very reminiscent of Colouring of Pigeons by The Knife Mr. Simms and Planningtorock

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Hall & Chromeoates


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Hooray for Earth!

Just a quick post today, from a very good recommendation by my good friend Sean Riley, I bring you True Love, by HFE.  Their whole album is fantastic and should be enjoyed by most. May this music carry him swiftly … Continue reading

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So Many Reasons…

…to post today: Carls has been giving me well-deserved grief for my lack of posting I need to stop letting life get in the way It’s been almost 2 months since I posted last I recently got a great set … Continue reading

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As Expected

While the cuz respectfully declined my request for a little guest post genius, he delivered to me, Heart It Races, by Dr. Dog.  Much like everything else that I experience in conjunction with the Mysorewala family, the song exhibits an unusually … Continue reading

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All [the] Green Lights

Me [Groggy eyed]: whoosie, whattie? My rather annoyingly persistent iPhone alarm playing Marimba:  7:10 Me [taking a second to realize my bus will be here in 5 minutes]: ………daaaaang……. Apparently ‘Marimba’ is not abrasive enough to wake me up on … Continue reading

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Caught another amazeballs show last night.  Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy were shockingly good.  I must say I’d not heard of Holy Ghost! (outside of a remix they did) and went to the show purely for Cut Copy, but was … Continue reading

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