All [the] Green Lights

Me [Groggy eyed]: whoosie, whattie?

My rather annoyingly persistent iPhone alarm playing Marimba:  7:10

Me [taking a second to realize my bus will be here in 5 minutes]: ………daaaaang…….

Apparently ‘Marimba’ is not abrasive enough to wake me up on a consistent basis.  Gonna have to go with something like ‘Car Horn’ or ‘Trill’ from now on.  Anyone who knows me has already realized there is no way I’m headed to work without fixing my – ahem – unruly hair, so to the shower; 10 minutes later, I’m out, dressed and calling a cab.  Cabby picks me up in another 5 upon whence I shout, “Yo holmes, to Bel Air!”*

As he’s taxi-ing me downtown, he points out “2nd Ave very good, all green lights now, ok?”  Being a connoisseur of traffic light signal patterns myself, I nod heartily in agreement, before plugging in the headphones and indulging in some Paper Diamonds, All Green Lights.

I first heard Paper Diamonds on a ‘ye Power remix I found  They put together some pretty uptempo beats, but mix in some more chill,  Ulrich Schnauss-esque type musics, and manage to bring it all together pretty cohesively.  Paper Diamonds puts out some other great tracks, all downloadable under the Pretty Lights Music Label.  They are definitely worth the download.

* (exact wording may have been “ferry terminal, please”).

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