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>Trust The Streets

>For most of college, I was pretty convinced I should marry Mike Skinner or Jack Allsopp. Both walk that strangely appealing line of being British MC’s and DJ’s. The Streets and Just Jack as they are known respectively, were pretty … Continue reading

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>Misty Morning

>I woke up this morning to one of those incredibly grey and misty days this city specializes in, where the clouds are so dense all noises become muted, and time feels like it slows down. This was ideal after the … Continue reading

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>Ratatat and DOM tonight

>I’m going to the Ratatat show tonight at the Warfield and while I was already excited to bust some moves there, I just realized that Dom is opening. My local friends have recently accused me of being a little into … Continue reading

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>I still haven’t decided if this is just a great viral ad for Levi’s or something a little more homegrown but either way, the song rocks and this video makes me think of getting and RV and driving across the … Continue reading

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>SCREAMIN Deal on Ratatat’s new album

> My buddy Grantus just pointed me to Amazon where they’re having a $4 special on Ratatat’s new album, LP4.  I am downloading it now, and will have thoughts later this week. For now, enjoy this vid from their self-titled … Continue reading

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>Ambling Alp African Style

>I had to bribe Weis to stay up late for the Very Best’s set during SXSW last spring. He wasn’t siked but by the time the backup dancers started busting moves during the second song, he was sold on the … Continue reading

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>Mark Ronson for President

>Un, deux, trois! Bang, bang, bang! Ronson has been blowing up tracks since his first album came out in 2003.  The Brit has enjoyed success internationally, but hasn’t had a big presence in the US.  I have been listening to … Continue reading

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>a chilly fall in the northwest?

> Snow in Seattle is rare, even in the thick of winter, but as it turns out, the stars have aligned and we’ll actually be getting some this October! Ok, perhaps it will be Miike Snow, and not Snow snow….but still … Continue reading

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>Pop goes my heart

>I would like to think I have unerringly excellent and somewhat hip taste in muzak. But truth be told, I also have a huge love for catchy pop music. Much like Dowk’s love of GaGa, I’ve started really digging Katy … Continue reading

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> I’ve been digging some very mellow remixes recently from both RaRaRiot and Vampire weekend. Then I found this picture and knew it was meant to be.

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