>Ratatat and DOM tonight

>I’m going to the Ratatat show tonight at the Warfield and while I was already excited to bust some moves there, I just realized that Dom is opening. My local friends have recently accused me of being a little into what they deem ‘electro’ music, but I think what they mean to accuse me of is a penchant for the synth-pop chillwave movement. Hipster accusations and labels aside, Dom has a reputation for putting on a memorable live show, and with giant hooks like ‘It’s so sexy to be living in America’ who doesn’t want to put on their skinny jeans and bust some dance moves? Wish you were here Dowks!

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2 Responses to >Ratatat and DOM tonight

  1. dowkstar says:

    >carls, i adore your statements like this: "a penchant for the synth-pop chillwave movement." it makes me sound like such a JV blogger 🙂

  2. Car says:

    >Never Dowks! Just using my favorite word and OD'ing on coffee as usual. Really wish you were here for this weekend's shenanigans!

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