>Misty Morning

I woke up this morning to one of those incredibly grey and misty days this city specializes in, where the clouds are so dense all noises become muted, and time feels like it slows down. This was ideal after the dancetastic weekend I had, so after de-couching my favorite c-walker, and making some coffee, I found my favorite pair of ripped jeans and settled into a morning of catching up on reading and baking scones. This of course requires some solid mood music and today’s band of choice is Gold Panda.

Gold Panda is one of those band/producer types that isn’t as accessible to the bulk of my friends I have forced him upon recently, but something about his brand of electro feels like a patchwork reminiscent of four tet but with a distinctly moody feel thats all his own. Friend group lack of adoption not withstanding, I’m seriously digging his stuff on a day when clouds are floating underneath the window.
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