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>Outside is Nearer

>Smelling slightly of sulfur and whiskey, my day is currently being held together by caffeine and the quest for a new playlist. Why? Agreeing to any adventure Sach proposes always involves a high risk for hangover; but this month’s musical … Continue reading

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>Café est très importante

>Getting locked out of my apartment last night – due in large part to my own forgetfulness and partially an apartment manager lacking in the awesome category – caused me to spend the the night at Grant’s place.  The irony … Continue reading

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>Secondish Chance

>Yet another slow grow track for me was Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Second Chance. For whatever reason I felt like I was thrown into a quick scene change in Gossip Girl with epic shots of New York City rapidly edited … Continue reading

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>All of Them

>So someone even more crazy then yours truly put together a mix of every number 1 song from 1956 until 1992. While this might sound too skitzo to actually enjoy listening to, I would encourage you to reconsider; its amazing … Continue reading

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>Son of a Gun

>For no particular reason I was rather obstinate about getting into Oh Land. While it had all the trademark hooks of being spawned in the great Baltic country of electro-pop, a lead singer who is a former ballerina, and a … Continue reading

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>All of the Names in the Lights

>Not sure how many of you know this, but 11 people do the vocals for the original version of Kanye’s ‘All of the Lights’. While this includes the usual suspects like Rihanna and John Legend, it also involves the more … Continue reading

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Someone Like Yous

She is absolutely the most perfect thing about 2011 no?

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>No Silver

>Winter has returned to California and its cold and rainy weather has put me in the mood for the contemplative music that Bon Iver has made so uniquely his own. As much as I adore For Emma Forever Ago however, … Continue reading

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>Lucidity in Dreaming

> Lucid dreaming, for those of you that haven’t seen Inception yet (highly recommended) is a dream where you are aware you are dreaming.  Most often, a person has no mental ability to recognize a dream state while they are … Continue reading

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>Surprise at the Hotel

>Another perennial favorite on my mixes is LA band Fool’s Gold. I love their charming and somewhat African inspired sound, and their ability to make even the most sullen person start tapping their feet. And now another reason to love … Continue reading

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