>Café est très importante

>Getting locked out of my apartment last night – due in large part to my own forgetfulness and partially an apartment manager lacking in the awesome category – caused me to spend the the night at Grant’s place.  The irony of the situation is that this morning, the doorknob to his spare room ended up malfunctioning, trapping me in the apartment.  20 minutes, MacGuyvering a zip tie as a screwdriver,  and a window escape later, I was finally out, and enjoying his snazzy Tassimo Suprema espresso maker, a welcome boon to my morning.

Another welcome coffee-esque addition to my day has been the realization that I’ll be seeing Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Fresh Espresso and Helladope this weekend with Ace!  For those of you not able to go to the show (sorry Sash, Les, Curty), you should enjoy this vid of new musiks by Fresh Espresso instead

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