>Outside is Nearer

Smelling slightly of sulfur and whiskey, my day is currently being held together by caffeine and the quest for a new playlist. Why? Agreeing to any adventure Sach proposes always involves a high risk for hangover; but this month’s musical coded, task-oriented road-trip with a 1Am final destination, might top my list of the most ridiculous moments in my life. Watching the moon rise from a natural hot spring built on an ocean cliff was never on my bucket list, but it has certainly been added.

In that vein, here are two songs that I would add to the enigma’s playlist for the road trip component. I cannot wait for Jamie XX’s solo work, I have been loving every single thing he touches and this might be my favorite version of his new leak ‘Far Nearer’. In contrast, Cult’s song ‘Go Outside’ has been getting a ton of press thanks to the cute New Wave French music video featuring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Its definitely the opener on my Esashenanigans: The Aftermath Playlist.

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