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>’Item that Explodes’ Remix

> The last time I was in SF was over Thanksgiving 2010, Bruno Mars’ Grenade was literally blowing up the radio everywheres (srsly, James’ radio was in shambles and Weezy almost took some shrapnel to the eye).   Well, now … Continue reading

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>So Up

> Last time I saw the Knux live, it was a bizarre showcase where they played three songs and were so, ‘Up’ that I’m pretty sure they weren’t even remembering lyrics. Questionable live show aside, they have apparently been working … Continue reading

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Then I Guess You Can Hang With Me

‘Hang With Me’ is one of those songs that constantly changes meaning and import depending what is going on in my life. Joywave has done a fantastic cover of one of my top played songs by Robyn, turning it into … Continue reading

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>This is one of those songs that I’ve had in my library for a while now and yet had never managed to play. I’m regretting this delay but since my fit of focus this weekend, I have been playing it … Continue reading

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>Pretty Lights are Pretty

>Carls and I were up in Tahoe this past weekend, celebrating her birthday, skiing and meeting her crazy (but generally cool) winter cabinmates.  The two of us were enjoying some pisco sours and discussing all things music when we came … Continue reading

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>Strange Talk

>I have been lucky enough to have amazing friends (see: Dowks post about it here) and for the last two years I have been able to go to the Sundance Film Festival and generally live the glamourous life with my … Continue reading

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>Choice Notes

>Everyone’s favorite Sister Wife, Alex Winston shot these super cool live movies while in London for a show. She sounds like she would be such an amazing live performance no? In other news- yes Weis, someone else saw your text … Continue reading

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>Girl Walk

>It’s all over the internets and it’s awesome. Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

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