>Pretty Lights are Pretty

>Carls and I were up in Tahoe this past weekend, celebrating her birthday, skiing and meeting her crazy (but generally cool) winter cabinmates.  The two of us were enjoying some pisco sours and discussing all things music when we came across the Kanye song All of the Lights, remixed by Pretty Lights.  I’m a big fan of the work that Pretty Lights does, so it’s no surprise that several of their songs are up on my iTunes most played list, or that I included them on Carls Thanksgiving mix.

We didn’t have these lights or balloons, but much like the peeps in this vid, we had a kick ass time, complete with plenty of booze, celebrity and even some smashed cupcakes.  Things can only get more glorious with Weezy’s arrival on Thurs and a Fool’s Gold concert on Saturday!

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