Something Good Can Work

I’m still adjusting to life post-Coachella, where my rainbow hair looks a bit out of place, and I am not discussing the merits of burratta in Italy with actresses while pool stewards bring us muddled lemons at regular intervals. Sach the Enigma created the perfect storm of Palm Springs shenanigans and we still managed to have three days of epic music funtimes. Saturday we put in a marathon 11 hours at the shows, with 102 degrees in the shade until 4 in the afternoon. But it was worth it. Because I got to be completely won over by the fantastic live show of Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club.

While I have had their album on the backburner and on a multitude of mixes, I had yet to give them much consideration. However, their strong live performance and ability to get us dancing despite the sweltering weather has put them in full focus as one of the strongest new albums out there and one of my favorite surprises from the weekend.

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