Caught another amazeballs show last night.  Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy were shockingly good.  I must say I’d not heard of Holy Ghost! (outside of a remix they did) and went to the show purely for Cut Copy, but was very impressed with several facets of the young group from the Upper West Side.  They put out super tight, late 80s early 90s electropop beats – really the only area they were lacking was vocals.  Swap out the lead vocalist with pretty much anyone, and you’ve got yourself a pretty stellar band.  Really worth a scope out.  They’re better known for their remixes, but methinks they will be known for a lot more than that if they can get their vocals straightened out.

Then Cut Copy came on and absolutely killed it.  1.5 hours and two encores later, Seattle fans were still screaming for more.  Don’t have time to listen to both bands?  You’re in luck, I’ve got a solution for you right here…

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