Something I Can Dance To

The Knocks rule. While the awesomeness of Ben and James is well documented here at Oceans, there is now another reason to love them. Last night Dowks and I were supposed to attend the Foals, Freelance Whales, and Naked and Famous concert at Showbox. But, in typical ‘pack fashion,we got on the guest list for free to see the Knocks and Ellie Goulding super last minute.

While I’m bummed to miss the fun of N&F, the Knocks rocked out hard at Neumo’s, creating a tight 40 minute set that was a synthesis of original music, DJ set, and mash-up dance party extravaganza. To top it off, after Ellie Goulding’s set, we ran into the boys of the Knocks and they were super chill genuine guys. They are the boys responsible for the fantastic production of Alex Winston’s ‘Sister Wife, and my go-to summer jam ‘Dancing With The DJ’ among other awesome tracks. If you are in SF, I strongly encourage you to see their show this Thursday because they are going to be HUGE.

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2 Responses to Something I Can Dance To

  1. betsy says:

    you missed TNAF?? that’s so tragic! 😦 come out to DC and see them at 9:30 with me on may 6th!

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