Worlds Collide in Seattle

The oh-so-hip roomie and I were chatting the other night about must attend concerts over the next couple weeks, and apparently April 11th presents several conflicts.  She mentioned a Danish group Oh Land, is playing at Chop Suey and wanted to know if I was gonna go.  I would have been all ’bout it but I’ll be busy watching the Naked & Famous with Carls, Ace and Leslietron, which I actually already considered bailing on because Ellie Goulding and the freaking Knocks will also be performing that night – dammit.

The Naked and Famous have made an appearance on our blog before, but I wanted to share some Oh Land, and of course Ellie, to make sure the roomie is always one step up on her friends.

Make the choice for yourself, you really can’t go wrong.

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1 Response to Worlds Collide in Seattle

  1. dowkstar says:

    so yes, i see carls posted about oh land about a month ago….doh! gotta check those tags. anyway. enjoy the good song.

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