So Many Reasons…

…to post today:

  • Carls has been giving me well-deserved grief for my lack of posting
  • I need to stop letting life get in the way
  • It’s been almost 2 months since I posted last
  • I recently got a great set of headphones that I really enjoy listening to musics on
  • I’ve got an idea for a set of serial posts, which I hope will keep me in the game for the near term
  • I’ve been talking about covers with some coworkers quite a bit recently

If you know Carls, you know she’s prone to asking the important questions that everyone else is afraid to ask, like:

  • “Top five favorite ‘Indie’ accessory items, GO!”
  • “In 2630 words or less, detail the pros and cons of marrying a very rich, but very crazy man (eg Tom Cruise)”
  • “Would you want the ability to become invisible if it meant that you had to be naked at all other times?”
  • “Should the world institute ‘Wear-a-tutu-to-work’ day? (trick question, the answer is an obvious and resounding YES)”

The point is, I want to be prepared when she poses the following:

  • You’re stuck on an island with only one regularly sized mix-tape of your own creation.  What songs are on it?

If you know me, the answer is probably “wow you’re an idiot and you’ve managed to accidentally bring a cd that had Rebecca Black’s Friday recorded on it 14 times” NO GOOD.

In an attempt to distract you from this inevitable and awful situation, I will attempt to highlight the 15 songs that I would be ok with being the only 15 songs I ever heard again in my life.  Not only are these songs RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME, but they’ve got real staying power, at least in my book.

W/o further ado, I give you longtime favorite:

  • Champagne Supernova, by Oasis

To celebrate this song, I wanted to share a very heartfelt cover (see above for rationale on detailing a cover) by Matt Pond PA

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