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Hipster Rock

My street smart cuz, Adam, turned me on to the new Cut Copy cd back in early February. I’ve been jamming out to them for about a month and a half now and I’m definitely impressed (yes I know I’m … Continue reading

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Worlds Collide in Seattle

The oh-so-hip roomie and I were chatting the other night about must attend concerts over the next couple weeks, and apparently April 11th presents several conflicts.  She mentioned a Danish group Oh Land, is playing at Chop Suey and wanted … Continue reading

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Fusion Tossers FTW

A couple of weeks ago my girl Ace sent me the following vid from Star Slingers.  Mornin’ is a new song for an artist I discovered earlier this year with their Rogue Cho Pa album, which has a lot of … Continue reading

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“The Detective Agency,” as they would be called in the States, put out their first album in 2008, Wermland, and I have to say I’m a big, big fan. The first time I heard Detektivbyrån, I thought I was listening to something … Continue reading

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Go Megatron!

This is prrrrrretty awesome!  I didn’t realize I was this late to the Your Favorite Martin club, but no matter.  This guy has been pushing out some pretty interesting songs, with accompanying animation, for the past month or so.  While he’s … Continue reading

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Appropriately Named Song

    This song is certifiably badass, and it takes me back to about a year ago, when I up and quit my job – honestly for no real reason other than I was sick of the internal politics.  I … Continue reading

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>Café est très importante

>Getting locked out of my apartment last night – due in large part to my own forgetfulness and partially an apartment manager lacking in the awesome category – caused me to spend the the night at Grant’s place.  The irony … Continue reading

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