“The Detective Agency,” as they would be called in the States, put out their first album in 2008, Wermland, and I have to say I’m a big, big fan.

The first time I heard Detektivbyrån, I thought I was listening to something from the Amelie B-sides, aka Yann Tiersen, mais ce n’était pas vrai! Instead, it’s a similarly classy group from Sweden.  While there is a hefty amount of xylophonage, not everything sounds like Mr. Tiersen – due to the face they mix in a good amount of base and synth.

Listen to Generation Celebration, below, then go check out their other stuff on the YouTubes.  Hus Vid Havet is pretty similar, while Life/universe sounds like something off the TRON soundtrack.  Very dynamic on the whole, I’m glad Aditya introduced me.

DL here

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