I am in a prettttty awesome mood right now.  It’s only 1030am and I’ve had quite a productive morning.  Drafting operating agreements, setting up LLCs, and jamming out to some solid tracks.  One of these tracks has been Treatment of the Sun by The Pass.  These guys are vaguely reminiscent of Passion Pit or a less melancholy MGMT.  They’re from Louisville, KY, and have been around since ’08, but I’m just jumping on the bandwagon now.  They put out a 5 song EP in early 2010, and have since released Burst, an uber cool full album where you’ll find Treatment.

Treatment of the Sun is accompanied by a really simple, but great music video.  The old-school dancing is PERFECT for the song, and I can just imagine some indie chicks dancing their faces off in the exact same way to this track at a concert.  If you missed this song or video last summer on PMA, you won’t want to repeat that same mistake.

The Pass – “Treatment of the Sun” PMA Premiere from Pretty Much Amazing on Vimeo.

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