>Tribute to Friends

>I remember back in college, we played a game where we had to rank certain items in order of importance.  If you really know me, it comes as no surprise that “Friends” topped my list.  I am constantly reminded of why this is, whether it’s playing late night Halo at Google, hitting up caverns at exclusive Napa wineries, a night out in Seattle, chilling on a Christmas tree lit porch, a slopeside cabin in Crested Butte or even just heading back to the Valley for some good R&R, I have amazeball friends.

While frontman Ryan Tedder intended the song All the Right Moves as a personal diss – they got their break via connections with Timbaland, unlike all the “cool-ass” bands that had to really “work” for it – every time I hear it, I can’t help but think about how I am the one with friends in all the right places.  I’m totally ok with getting in on my friend’s benefits and hopefully sharing some of my own!

So here’s to conquering the world (or just reliving Leo’s The Beach), and having plenty of peeps to enjoy it with…

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