>Sach, Weits, the future Doctor, Lunch, and I are going to the Stars show tonight. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, our planning email string about meeting up before, paying people back for tickets, and general concert logistics, has turned into some fantastic comedy. My favorite so far: “Bitches in Tokyo –how much/who do I owe for my ticket? … in other news, C, Your Ex-Lover is Dead. prepare your Celebration Guns.” Now excuse me, I have to go respond to This Charming Man before Wasted Daylight.

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2 Responses to >STARS

  1. Noah says:

    >I can't believe your convincing dudes to go to this show…when are they coming to LA again???Anyone think they sound like Metric?

  2. Car says:

    >NT! No convincing needed. It was organized by one of the manliest former UPenn varsity football players I know. But- while the new album is verging on dancetastic, I'm not totally convinced of the Metric label just yet….

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