Throwback Thursday

The rampant (and much deserved) popularity of Adele has been the highlight of a time that has an increasingly retro feel. Between her catchy threats of being scorned, and Mayer Hawthorne’s uptempo commentary about a girl’s easy loving ways, there are some fantastic old-school sounding artists out there who don’t need to rely on a raging drug problem to get noticed. (You heard me Amy Winehouse. Mark Ronson and I don’t love you anymore.) In that vein, the Knocks covered the Temptations with their signature twist, and turned it into a hand-clapping, foot-stomping version that makes for excellent bus music. (At least, thats what the nice old gentleman on my morning commute told me when he gave a listen to my playlist) Check out the Mayer Hawthorne track below and go here to listen and download the Knocks track.

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