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Cold Dust Girl

Ski season this year has been a random time which has allowed some fine tuning to my Tahoe playlist while striking up intense conversations with strangers on lifts. One recommendation, from a decidedly dirty snowboarder type was Hey Champ!, a group that … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

The rampant (and much deserved) popularity of Adele has been the highlight of a time that has an increasingly retro feel. Between her catchy threats of being scorned, and Mayer Hawthorne’s uptempo commentary about a girl’s easy loving ways, there … Continue reading

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>New Theory

> A go-to favorite song for me is Washed Out’s ‘New Theory’. A go-to remixer for me is RAC. Put them together and get the awesomeness below that is causing visions of back roads and camping in the spring.

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>We Have Everything

>While I haven’t gotten anywhere near Dowks pursuit of lucid dreaming, from time to time I have intense dreams that I believe are actual memories. Recently I was convinced that Dowks and I had been backstage at a Radiohead concert … Continue reading

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