Editor’s Note: Weis has graciously agreed to drop some knowledge on us about Lupe Fiasco’s latest album. Here is his review.

I have to admit I was hesitant to listen to Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers when it first came out.  Between the tepid responses from the critics and the controversy over the release I was concerned about being disappointed by someone who I’ve loved since he dropped onto my consciousness way back on Kanye’s ‘Touch The Sky’  After a few rave reviews from friends I broke down and purchased it and am incredibly glad I did.

While it lacks the cohesive storytelling that we’ve come to expect from him, each track is filled with the soulful lyrics and amazing self-awareness only Lupe can provide, I can’t find a single song I don’t like on its own.

The benefit of having an album which goes in several directions is that we get to see his amazing range and talent. ‘State Run Radio’ for example, has a rock feel with rapid-fire lyrics.  ‘All Black Everything’ by contrast, is a deep thinking poem.

My two favorite examples of how seamlessly he can change flows / beats and still come off sounding great are “Coming Up” and “I Don’t Want to Care Right Now.”  The former is something we could have heard (and loved) on a Tupac album when he was at the height of his powers (plus it goes out to my baby girls).  With “I Don’t Want to Care Right Now,” Lupe puts an African, almost K’Naan flow on top of an electro beat for something that will have you bouncing in your car.  Hoo-ray!

Listen, don’t think too much about past albums, and enjoy.

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