Good Life

Its been a pretty fantastical weekend that was perfectly bookended by two intensely different bands covering The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’. Glitch Mob was a dubstep party of epic proportions and I’m pretty sure I’m still mildly deaf due to our proximity to the front speakers.

After sunshine, visits with Adits, and general shenanigans, I ended up in Golden Gate Park on Sunday Afternoon for a free show called ‘SummerThing’ put on by the lovely folks at Alice Radio. Local boy and forever crush Matt Nathanson headlined along with One Republic. Decidedly more mainstream then I trend, it was rather phenomenal to sit in the (rare) SF sunshine drinking pink cans of bubbles and enjoying organic strawberries while Ryan Tedder reminded me about how great life is.

And now off to Montana to hang out with a few of my favorite people in the world. Perhaps this Seven Nation Army thing is a sign of the great things (and epic changes) to come.

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