Nuclear Seasons

Charli XCX sounds like she gets brunch with Sia and Grimes and is probably dating someone from Odd Future but refuses to call him her boyfriend. This song is has the makings of being a great catchy pop song for the indie-hipster set and a great nostalgic video to go with it.

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Turn On The Lights

Oh Ryan Hemsworth. I’ve been waiting for his debut album for what feels like forever (so about two months) Luckily, he has been a really nice dude and put out a swarm of mixtapes in the intervening period which have lead to some magical discoveries (including Kendrick Lamar, who is currently murdering the non-Taylor Swift album buying population) Long story short, if you are making a mix and looking for a bridge between your dancey electro sounding track and some hip-hop this is your track.

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This song was the anchor to a roadtrip playlist I made this summer and I still can’t get enough. It doesn’t hurt that Z Berg has the ‘Blondie in 2012’ look going for her with all its cool aura. But seriously. If you are into what Blondie would sound like in today’s music scene, or just cute hipster girls in short dresses and vintage hats sing about this is your JJAMZ. (sorry. had to do it.)

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From Nowhere

Oh Hello. After almost a year of musical writing recess, an inspiring weekend with some really amazing friends has me bitten by the writing bug again.  And so like a butterfly re-emerging into the world, here is the song I’m currently obsessed with.

Starting off with intro music that might have taken from Beirut like a bully taking your lunch money, this song quickly goes more up-tempo. If it isn’t in a car or Apple commercial soon I would be shocked. The video keeps it simple, but also features some pretty sweet dance moves from the guitarist. And if you aren’t looping this song on repeat then you probably don’t want to stick around this blog too long, since this is pretty much the sweet spot of bright poppy indie music I so adore.

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Leaves Fall

I have a giant soft spot for Mansions on the Moon. They are like chex mix or goldfish crackers. Tasty snack food that I tend to eat way to much of due to its highly addictive properties.

They have been doing a very cool thing and releasing tracks off their new album for free every couple of weeks and so far ‘Lightyears’ is a pretty piece of chillwavey goodness. Its much more laid back then their collaboration with Benzie and Diplo last year but it will be interesting to see what the entire album ends up sounding like.

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I Belong In Your Arms

Those songs that make you crazy happy? No matter how questionably terrible your day was? This is going to be one of them. Tres gets full credit for sending me this track that I’ve quickly become obsessed with.

Chairlift has a very 80’s montage about a nerdy guy/girl getting to work with the object of their affection slowly building towards the big dance/ski race/fixing of car for a date with someone else with a bright poppy melody with wistful undertones. Which is pretty much how everyone feels at some point in their life even if they aren’t rocking leg warmers at the time.

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Sometimes its shocking to me how once upon a time I didn’t listen to a preponderance of chillwave. Or that a hipster by association friend would have probably thrown my phone out of the window if I made him listen to something without any real words.

Hard Mix, or Noah Smith as his mom probably calls him, released an EP ‘Memories’ last July and then released his follow-up ‘Defaults’ for free. Which is crazy, because I would happily have paid for this fantastic album. Anyways, here is Memories, which he cleverly used a bunch of footage from his life to make a video.

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I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts since May. And I haven’t posted since November. Highly questionable. But a new year is upon us and onto great music even if it is no longer that new.

The Joy Formidable are awesome. They are one of those bands that ends up on a lot of mixes from other people and I always stop to check who that awesome Stars-like band is that is playing in my car or headphones. But what really sealed the deal for me was their song ‘Endtapes’ which is featured on the best compilation of music a crappy film has ever seen. (Seriously. Aqualung? Bon Iver and St. Vincent? Amazing curation) After that it was only a matter of time before ‘Whirring’ got into heavy rotation. Enjoy!



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Oh Sometimes

Avicii made a DJ appropriately goofy video for his club banger ‘Levels’. It makes me laugh.

While I enjoy this, my favorite music video for a DJ still is Martin Solveig with ‘Hello’ for the glorious nerd factor and playing against other DJ giant Bob Sinclair.

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Some songs are instantly appealing for their dramatic resonance. Awolnation’s ‘Sail’ is definitely one of those songs and has been used in multiple ski movies already, however this one might be my favorite:

Hipster french kids breakdancing? SOLD.

Speaking of doing awesome things set to a fantastic song, this GoPro promotional video uses The Glitch Mob to perfection, and makes me want to jump off things and break some bones.


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