>Yeasayers and MGMT Comparison?

>I think The World’s Best Ever is a pretty fantastic blog.  I’ve found a number of siiiick clothes, art works and musics over there, and they do a great job of keeping things simple: present awesome shit and let the reader figure it out for themselves whether they agree or not, no real explanation, just badassery.

I was checking them out on the reader when I came across their Madder Red video post (by Yeasayer). The song is pretty clutch, as is a bunch of their other work, but the video?  Well, you’ll have to see for yourself.  Kristen Bell is in love with…something, and apparently doesn’t have her priorities straight, because she let’s her mother stay at home with it while it’s spitting blood and pus and essentially dying, which I was unshockingly ok with (you’ll see what i mean).

In this case, TWBE threw me for a loop and compared the preceding vid for Madder Red to a “prequel for MGMT’s Congratulation video.”  I’m not quiiiite sure I see it.  Can someone help me out?

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