>500 Days of Summer


While short of 500 planetary rotations, I have to say this has been a truly epic summer of funemployment for me, and the “Mashup” album by My Sick Uncle, called 500 days of Weezy is nothing short of amazing.   Car introduced this album to me off the Pretty Much Amazing blog a coule months ago, but I’m just now getting to listen to it.  And the verdict?  Lil Wayne’s lyrics and a veritable smorgasbord of fresh artist beats including Temper Trap, Feist as well as older Simon & Garfunkel tracks, combine for an inspiring mix.

Without a doubt, one of my favorites is the short and sweet Let’s Get High, featuring Mumm-Ra’s She’s Got You High and snippets from Lil Wayne’s interview with Katie Couric.  My Sick Uncle pulled a nasty hook from the Mumm-Ra song as background for an intriguing interview where Katie playfully asks pointed questions about Weezy F Baby’s drug use and Wayne either answers boldly or evades the question almost entirely.  Quite the dynamic.

One line he dropped strikes me in particular.  When Couric asks “You never think, gee, maybe I should ease up on the weed?”  Weezy replies with the poetic “Never say that.  I’m a rapper, that’s who I am Miss Katie, and I am a Gansgta, and I do…what I want.  And I Love to smoke…”

Hear, hear, Weezy.  You be You, and we’ll worry about what’s in our own cups…

The full album is still available here if you are into Wayne (i.e. you’re a member of the human race).

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