>Niyaz Rocks the Rāga

>Whew.  Finally made it back to Seattle after a great trip back to the ‘burgh.  I got to hit up my friend Nathan’s, who basically has a recording studio in his basement, where I listened to him, Isaaaac, Cook, and Woj jam out.  They are putting together some really great stuff and I can’t wait until they finish the recordings and get the legal stuff finished so I can push it out here.

Anyway, Woj and I were messing around on some of Nathan’s congos and he got to beating out Tunak Tunak Tun, which I had never heard, so he politely shared.  Quite ridiculous…….ly fantastic!  After we’d indulged in Delar Mendhi for a bit, Nathan (really just a super musician himself) pointed us to Niyaz.  Perhaps they have the subcontinent connection, but that’s about it.  This song, sung in Urdu, is gorgeous and I can’t get enough of the intro.  The mystical sound produced by that guitar/cello-ish instrument is mesmerizing.  Hope you enjoy too

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