>New Burgher on the Scene

>Well, well, well, if it isn’t another hometown homeslice of mine, blowin up!  Mac Miller, the latest young star from Pittsburgh has just landed on my laptop.   He’s a pretty chill hip hop artist, although I must admit I was not expecting this kind of sound from a 19 yo white boy.  Bro’skie put out some pretty cool stuff, including this rap, set to an uptempo version of Owl City’s Firefly.  When I was watching some of his vids, I came across “Get a Clue” and immediately recognized the beat from “They Say” by a trio of some of my favs:  Common, Kanye and Mr. Legend (incidentally, they picked up the beat from a song by Ahmad Jamal).  The keyboarding, coupled with a soft snare in the background really works well for this track.

Aight, Stillers, make us Three River Fans proud and stomp dem Ravens (‘n at)!!

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