Breathe Me

Do you have a song that pulls you back into a time and feeling within the first twenty seconds of playing? When I had just moved to DC, I spent an entire weekend not talking to a single person that ended with me watching the series finale of ‘Six Feet Under’. For those troglodytes who have failed to be irrefutably sucked into the life and times of the Fisher family, the show ends the way each episode starts, with the death of every main cast member set to Sia’s ‘Breathe Me’.  And its amazing.

I remember being so alone that weekend, and yet so very involved in the fictional lives of Clare, Nate, and David, that it suddenly felt like I had been sent an epic family photo album and a gentle reminder that life is continually a journey onwards.

So when Weis sent me a massive collection of a new rapper he is into called OnCue, I was immediately drawn to the remake he did. Following the winning formula of rapping over indie music, his redo of ‘Breathe Me’ is interesting to me since I abhor the chipmunkification of the chorus, but still find this song insanely catchy and retaining its ability to suck me right back to being on a couch in Dupont wondering what the hell I was doing with my life.

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