I’m better known for rocking a baggy gray t-shirt and sneakers at a concert then wearing a LBD and heels at a club. That changes once in a blue moon when C$ and Duchess get involved and plan a weekend to Vegas. These enforcers of making me to look like an occasional girl are some of my favorite people in SF specifically because they inspire (or harass) me out of my routine way of dressing, thinking, and acting.

So in honor of the ladies in my Fort family, here are some songs that I will be dancing to this weekend if I have my way. All three are from DJ’s who have done a brilliant job of transcending the generic fist pumping of the denizens of Jersey Shore, to create genre-busting catchy songs that will force even the most reticent onto the dance floor. And this is coming from someone who lives in a pair of Toms and does an excellent hipster shuffle.

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