>The Knuckleheads


Krispy Kream and Rah Almillio collectively known as The Knux drop their debut album today.AWESOME time in Vegas with the boys.  Congrats Mark.  These two characters definitely contributed to the fun. I can’t get enough of them!

There’s not much out there on  Kentrell “Krispy” (left) and Alvin “Rah Almilliot” (right), but the Lindsay brothers are definitely worth getting to know.  The Knux, as they’re more commonly known, are originally from New Orleans, but now get their badassery on in soCal, LA.  They’ve had a few songs featured on tv, including a snippet on Entourage season 5 (news flash, apparently people are still watching vinny chase smoke pot and chase tail) and in some movies, but for the most part have been pretty under the radar.  The LAist and MTV have some good material, if you want to give them a deeper look.  

My ears picked up when I heard their new(ish) album Fuck You for the first time.  It’s got a few great tracks, but Whatchu Say is certainly one of my favs.  The song is some sort of mash up/tribute to the Imogen Heap song Hide and Seek, an awesome song in and of it’s own right.

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