>The Lo-cal Lo-down

>So today we’ve got two awesome bands from Seattle, both of which will be at the Capitol Hill Block Party, near the end of this month (July 23rd – 25th), which I highly recommend attending.  These come on the rec from my girl Ace, who is totally hooked up with the Seattle music scene.  Big up yourself, chica.

Probably best to start with Mad Rad.  Now I’m not saying they’re rowdy, but they were temporarily banned from a majority of Capitol Hill, after a run in with Neumo’s security.  This energy translates into their music, which spans a number of genres and my itunes lists as “other.”  There’s a lot of hip hop influence, but that doesn’t count out the rock or indie feel to a lot of their songs.  I like the first half of their 2008 White Gold album a bit more than the back-end, with songs like My Product, Superdope! and Glitzerland.

Now we get to Fresh Espresso.  Notice how one of the members looks like P Smoov from the Mad Rad pic above?  There’s a reason for that.  Same dude….go figure.  He’s paired up with MC Rik Rude (originally in Michigan, now chillin in the Bay) to lay some pretty dope tracks.  I think the Seattle Subsonic guys do a great job describing their unique style:

they get one hand waving in the air while the other simultaneously strokes the nodding chin”

 Diamond Pistols seems to be the crowd favorite on their debut album Glamour.  While you’re at it, check out their tribute to Styx, Vader Rap.  So tight!

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